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Bakıda Zoopark Elaqe: Nərimanov Rayonunda Zooloji Parkın Ziyarəti

Zoopark Elaqe: A Guide to Baku's Zoological Park


Are you looking for a fun and educational way to spend your day in Baku? Do you love animals and nature? If so, you should definitely visit Zoopark Elaqe, the zoological park of Baku. Zoopark Elaqe is not just a place to see animals, but also a place to learn about them, their habitats, and their conservation. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Zoopark Elaqe, from its history and animals to its services and programs. Read on to find out why Zoopark Elaqe is a must-see attraction in Baku.

What is Zoopark Elaqe?

Zoopark Elaqe is the zoological park of Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. It is located in the Narimanov district, next to Dede Gorgud Park and ADA University. It is the smallest zoological park in the Caucasus region, but also one of the most modern and diverse ones. It covers an area of 4.25 hectares and houses 125 species of animals, including 22 species that are listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan. The zoo has three sections: teriology (mammals), ornithology (birds), and aquaterrarium (fish and reptiles). The zoo also has a symbolical animal: the golden pheasant.

zoopark elaqe

Why visit Zoopark Elaqe?

Zoopark Elaqe is a great place to visit for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • You can see a variety of animals from different continents and regions, such as jaguars, zebras, kangaroos, camels, monkeys, emus, flamingos, eagles, piranhas, arapaimas, axolotls, and more.

  • You can learn about the animals' characteristics, behaviors, diets, habitats, threats, and conservation efforts through informative signs and interactive displays.

  • You can enjoy the natural scenery and landscape of the zoo, which mimics the animals' original environments as much as possible.

  • You can participate in various educational and recreational programs offered by the zoo, such as guided tours, animal feeding sessions, workshops, games, quizzes, and more.

  • You can support the zoo's mission to protect and preserve the wildlife and biodiversity of Azerbaijan and the world.

Zoopark Elaqe is a place where you can have fun and learn at the same time. It is suitable for people of all ages and interests. Whether you are a family with children, a couple looking for a romantic date, a group of friends looking for an adventure, or an individual looking for some relaxation, you will find something to enjoy at Zoopark Elaqe.

History of Zoopark Elaqe

Zoopark Elaqe has a long and interesting history that dates back to the early 20th century. Here are some of the key events that shaped its development:</ Services of Zoopark Elaqe

If you are planning to visit Zoopark Elaqe, you might want to know more about its services and how to make the most of your experience. Here are some of the things you should know:

Opening hours and ticket prices

Zoopark Elaqe is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00, except on Mondays, when it is closed for maintenance. The ticket prices are as follows:





Children (6-14 years old)


Students and pensioners


Children under 6 years old


Disabled people and veterans


Group visits (more than 20 people)

20% discount

School visits (more than 10 people)

50% discount

Birthday visits (with ID)


You can buy tickets online at [iTicket.AZ](^4^) or at the entrance of the zoo. You can also buy feed for the animals at the zoo for 1 AZN per pack.

Facilities and amenities

Zoopark Elaqe has various facilities and amenities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Some of them are:

  • A burger-cafe where you can have a snack or a drink.

  • A souvenir shop where you can buy gifts and memorabilia.

  • A playground where children can have fun and play.

  • A parking lot where you can leave your car for free.

  • A first aid station where you can get medical assistance if needed.

  • A security service where you can report any problems or incidents.

  • A lost and found service where you can claim or report any lost items.

  • A cloakroom where you can leave your coats and bags for a small fee.

  • A photo studio where you can take pictures with the animals for a fee.

  • A library where you can borrow books and magazines about animals and nature.

  • A Wi-Fi zone where you can access the internet for free.

  • A petting zoo where you can touch and feed some of the animals.

  • A nursery room where mothers can breastfeed and change their babies.

  • A prayer room where Muslims can perform their prayers.

  • A wheelchair service where disabled people can rent a wheelchair for free.

  • A guide service where you can hire a guide to show you around the zoo for a fee.

  • A locker service where you can store your valuables for a fee.

  • A water fountain where you can drink fresh water for free.

  • A toilet where you can use the restroom for free.

  • A map where you can see the layout of the zoo and find your way around.

Educational and recreational programs

Zoopark Elaqe also offers various educational and recreational programs for its visitors, especially for children and students. Some of them are:

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  • A guided tour where you can learn more about the animals and their habitats from a professional zoologist.

  • An animal feeding session where you can watch the animals eat their food and learn about their diets and nutrition.

  • A workshop where you can make crafts and toys related to animals and nature.

  • A game where you can test your knowledge and skills about animals and nature in a fun way.

  • A quiz where you can answer questions and win prizes related to animals and nature.

  • A lecture where you can listen to experts talk about various topics related to animals and nature.

  • A movie where you can watch documentaries and cartoons about animals and nature.

  • A show where you can watch performances by animals and their trainers.

  • An exhibition where you can see artworks and photos by local artists inspired by animals and nature.

  • A festival where you can celebrate special occasions and events related to animals and nature.

To participate in these programs, you need to register in advance at the zoo's website or at the information desk. Some of the programs are free, while others require a small fee. The Conclusion

Zoopark Elaqe is a wonderful place to visit if you are in Baku and want to see and learn about animals and nature. It is not only a zoo, but also a museum, a park, a school, and a playground. It has a rich history, a diverse collection of animals, and a variety of services and programs. It is a place where you can have fun and learn at the same time. It is also a place where you can support the conservation and protection of wildlife and biodiversity. Zoopark Elaqe is more than just a zoo, it is a destination.

Call to action

If you are interested in visiting Zoopark Elaqe, you can find more information on its website: []. You can also follow its social media accounts: [Facebook], [Instagram], [Twitter], and [YouTube]. You can also contact them by phone: (+994 12) 465 65 65 or by email: Don't miss this opportunity to experience the amazing world of animals and nature at Zoopark Elaqe. Book your tickets now and enjoy your visit!


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Zoopark Elaqe:

  • How do I get to Zoopark Elaqe?

You can get to Zoopark Elaqe by public transportation or by car. By public transportation, you can take the metro to Nariman Narimanov station or the bus to Dede Gorgud Park stop. By car, you can follow the signs to Dede Gorgud Park or ADA University and park your car at the zoo's parking lot.

  • Can I bring my own food and drinks to Zoopark Elaqe?

No, you cannot bring your own food and drinks to Zoopark Elaqe. This is for the safety and hygiene of the animals and the visitors. You can buy food and drinks at the burger-cafe inside the zoo or at the vending machines near the entrance.

  • Can I take pictures and videos of the animals at Zoopark Elaqe?

Yes, you can take pictures and videos of the animals at Zoopark Elaqe, as long as you do not use flash or disturb them. You can also take pictures with the animals at the photo studio for a fee.

  • Can I touch or feed the animals at Zoopark Elaqe?

You can touch or feed some of the animals at Zoopark Elaqe, but only under the supervision of the zoo staff. You can do this at the petting zoo or at the animal feeding sessions. You can buy feed for the animals at the zoo for 1 AZN per pack.

  • Can I volunteer or donate to Zoopark Elaqe?

Yes, you can volunteer or donate to Zoopark Elaqe if you want to support its mission and activities. You can volunteer as a guide, a keeper, an educator, or an assistant. You can donate money, equipment, supplies, or services. You can contact the zoo's administration for more details on how to volunteer or donate.

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